1. avatar jonesy
    Friday 21 March

    Dry County
    Ruby Colley

    Doors 7.30pm
    Adm £5

    As part of the March Bacchanal - Others act playing over 19 - 22 March include We Are Knives, Pawet Bignell, Roby Colley and Dry County to name but a few.

    A limited run of festival tickets will be available very soon for all the gigs 19-22 March for £20!
  2. avatar distracted
    Good stuff. I've not seen Dry County before but like their stuff. Ruby is amazing live, has the crowd eating out of her hand. Really looking forward to this one. Yay.
  3. avatar Niall Harden
    yeah, this looks great. dug out the dry county album yesterday for U105 (and heard new Ruby stuff there too)

  4. avatar Lucrezia
    bumpity bump
  5. avatar exmagician
    are cashier no. 9 not playing this too?
  6. avatar Niall Harden
    who cares :P
  7. avatar Lucrezia
    Cashier No 9 are playing indeed... this is shaping up to be a great week....
  8. avatar jonesy
    tonight!!!! :-D
  9. avatar goodonpaper
    This will be used to celebrate my birthday - excellent lineup!
  10. avatar we love records
    stage times?
  11. avatar rl-vl
    Might head to this, really like Ruby Colleys music.
  12. avatar smittennn
    i heard from CASHIER NO 9 that this night
    kicks off at NINE o'clock.
    see you there!
  13. avatar Niall Harden
    that was the best i've seen cashier #9. they were great.
  14. avatar Eddie
    that was a really amazing gig: Cashier no9 and Ruby Colley were fantastic!!