"Completely unacceptable behaviour from Marcus Music, B

This is an awareness thread going out to make the general public aware of the kind of conduct the - staff exercise.

I recently learnt of this truly outrageous story:

[i:cb3c6fe414]A young adult aged 18 went into Marcus Music with the intent of checking out the drums section and gaining some knowledge and advice from the drum's salesman for any potential purchase.

After spending about an hour listening the the salesman demo the drums and answering questions. The drum salesman, in a frustrating tone, asked the customer:

[color=red:cb3c6fe414]"So are you gonna' buy this DDRUM kit or not?"[/color:cb3c6fe414]

The customer, slightly cautious calmly stated:

[color=cyan:cb3c6fe414]"Nah. I need to go home a think about it. I'm new to drums so i need to do a bit more reading up on everything."[/color:cb3c6fe414]

The salesman in an aggressive tone then said:

[color=red:cb3c6fe414]"Right well you just came in for over an hour, had me jumping through your f**kin' hoops, had me set up drums and move sh*t around, when i couldve been doin stock checks all this time! You've come in here and f**kin' wasted my time!"[/color:cb3c6fe414]

Then the salesman got up close to the customer and in a slightly more aggressive tone, nearly shouting, demanded:

[color=red:cb3c6fe414]"Now you get out of here (drum section), i'm done with you wasting my f**kin' time!"[/color:cb3c6fe414]

The customer completely shocked proceeded out of the drum section and downstairs to the main floor and went straight to the desk:

[color=cyan:cb3c6fe414]"Hi, i'd like to speak to the manager please."[/color:cb3c6fe414]

The manager came forward and said [color=green:cb3c6fe414]"Yes? what is it?"[/color:cb3c6fe414]

The customer then explained the situation:

[color=cyan:cb3c6fe414]"I was up in the drum section, and ive just been shouted at and been hurled abuse and sweared at and stuff by the drum salesman"
The drum salesman who followed close behind quickly interupted and assertively stated:
"He was up there for FOUR HOURS havin' me move round drums and playing them and wastin..."[/color:cb3c6fe414]
manager:[color=green:cb3c6fe414]"What? You were only back from your lunch break about an hour ago, he hasn't been up there for hours..Now you go over there while i speak to this young lad"[/color:cb3c6fe414]

After explaining the situation again to the manager and visibly upset and shocked, the manager then leaned in and said:

[color=green:cb3c6fe414]"You know what you need to do? You need to get out of my store before i boot you the f**k out! Go on! Get out, this is private property!"[/color:cb3c6fe414]

The customer, still in shock and upset, left the store.[/i:cb3c6fe414]

This is an accurate account of what happended.