1. avatar Kev Bones
    Big City Promotions presents a night of drunken Punk and Ska with:

    Decoy 47
    1000 Drunken Nights
    Mellow Dramatic
    Half Cut

    Wednesday, 19th January, Front Page, 9pm
    Door Tax: £3
  2. avatar Jim Mellow Dramatic
    Giggidy giggidy giggidy!
  3. avatar j0ed

    Yehar! I'll be there, give us a shout if u need a hand Kev!
    I mite even bring the walkin stick to make sure there's no fcukin about! Edited by: j0ed at: 5/1/05 4:44 pm
  4. avatar Kev Bones
    Fookin rite! aye ill give u a shout sure about givin us a hand with the posters or smthin.
  5. avatar ConorKane
    I'd give you a hand but I'm going to be too busy gettting blocked and laughing at that hippy Salters.
  6. avatar Kev Bones
    he needs to cut his hair like it simply wont do, :rollin

    if anyone breaks anything at this im gonna cut their dicks off... Edited by: Kev Bones at: 7/1/05 3:59 pm
  7. avatar Jim Mellow Dramatic
    I'll bring the rusty scissors for the castrations then.
    Then we can wave them threateningly at would be 'bog breakers'.
  8. avatar Kev Bones

    They OUGHT to die
  9. avatar j0ed
    I reckon they probly will if Noel catches the fcukers! Edited by: j0ed at: 15/1/05 11:29 am
  10. avatar Jim Mellow Dramatic
  11. avatar Kev Bones
    did u say BUMP?
  12. avatar ConorKane