1. avatar rentaghost31
    Just to alert everyone to a new venue which has opened in University Avenue. Common Grounds is a not-for-profit operation, which gives all profits to Third World charites. Many of the staff are volunteers. Consequently we can't pay you to perform, but we will provide the following:

    PA system
    Assistance with publicity
    Assistance in selling any cds you may have recorded[/b]

    We hope to start a regular Thursday night early evening music slot, and have already hosted gigs by Ken Haddock and Duke Special. Due to the nature of the venue, we are looking for acoustic acts - think MTV unplugged. (I'm not really sure thrash metal would work in a cafe setting!)

    If you are interested in performing please contact Karen at
    rentaghost31@yahoo.co.uk. This could be an ideal venue to promote new material.

    Thank you for reading this message. Regardless of whether or not you are interested in playing Common Grounds,
    please feel free to drop in anytime for a coffee. I can personally recommend the vanilla lattes.

    [b]Coffee not profit[/b]
    [i]Instead of making us richer, we thought it would be better if our cafe concentrated on making a proper cappuccino or a great bowl of soup, and then gave any profits we might make to support community projects in the developing world. If you enjoy good coffee, good company and you want to make a little difference, then come along.[/i] [b]You'll find us at 12-24 University Avenue, Belfast[/b] Edited by: rentaghost31 at: 10/1/05 12:28 pm
  2. avatar rentaghost31
    I have been contacted by a number of people about gigs, and am currently scheduling dates. First up is Janet Holmes and the Hillbilly Soul Foundation on Thursday 3rd February(see gig listings).

    If youre interested and you haven't contacted me yet, get in touch.
  3. avatar Mick Nemesis
    Check ur mail
  4. avatar rentaghost31
    checked and reply sent
  5. avatar Mick Nemesis
    wow now thats service :p
  6. avatar rentaghost31
    You were perhaps expecting the Spanish Inquisition?

    We aim to please.
  7. avatar Kev Bones
    what size is the venue?
  8. avatar rentaghost31
    compact and bijou
    Its a wee bit smaller than the Menagerie.