1. avatar UrbanFoxxx

    The Subtitles have been added to the bill in place of the Evangelists.
    They supported the Bees in Derry a while back and are set to support them again in the Limelight next month, I believe.
    [quote]The Subtitles sound is informed by many and draws from several influences, including:
    The Ramones, The Dictators, The Stooges, The Clash and The Strokes, but individually their tastes and influences are so eclectic and varied that each time they get together they come up with something different.
    The Subtitles have carved themselves a place in 2005, when styles and genres have been exhausted it’s all about understanding the importance of a good song and that’s something they know. The music is cool and catchy, punchy and punky, they understand the 3-minute pop song and they take that very seriously.
    [/quote] Edited by: UrbanFoxxx at: 13/1/05 5:41 pm
  2. avatar T Entertainment
    Do we get to ceremonially tear the wee fox to shreds with our bare hands at the end?
  3. avatar UrbanFoxxx
    Sure -- if you can catch it.

    They're wily, you know.
  4. avatar T Entertainment
    If I can't, a small cat will do. A stupid small cat.
  5. avatar tweale
    Jenny, that poster is class.... yet mildly disturbing.. !
  6. avatar UrbanFoxxx
    It is courtesy of David Hunter, and I agree, it is rather disturbing the way that foxhead just stares out at you!
    I think it's a class poster though.
    Thanks, Dave!
  7. avatar Captain Yesterday
    That fox is evil. Evil I tells ya... Edited by: Captain Yesterday at: 16/12/04 6:42 pm
  8. avatar Markfromgiveway
    looks like morgan, the evil wolf from the lion, the witch and the wardrobe

    now thats vintage.
  9. avatar JennyHill
    My first post!
    (Edit: looks like badger-image-stealing is frowned upon...) Edited by: JennyHill at: 8/1/05 10:05 pm
  10. avatar Andrew
    I always preferred badgers.
  11. avatar Eddie Mullan
    try www.badgerbadgerbadger.com Jenny!
  12. avatar JennyHill
    It was weebls-stuff.com that I was stealing it from in the first place

    We'll just have to have the tiger instead:
  13. avatar Markfromgiveway
    has sir griswold seen the BBC movie of the CS Lewis epic book?
  14. avatar UrbanFoxxx
    I'm sorry to say the Evangelists have cancelled -- but come down anyway, the other bands will make it worth your while!
  15. avatar Captain Yesterday
    Too right! Really looking forward to this one Jenny.
  16. avatar UrbanFoxxx
    . Edited by: UrbanFoxxx at: 12/1/05 4:08 pm
  17. avatar theghostofrumble
    My first post!
    any band that name-checks the Dictators gets my vote.....um, The Strokes??????? oh jeezus........this is just a hobby for me.....y'hear a hobby!
  18. avatar xfirefishx
    And it's tonight! :-D
  19. avatar UrbanFoxxx
    It's like the Statue of Liberty gone wrong.

    Cheers to everyone who came down, I had a brilliant night, hope you all did too!
    The bands outdid themselves; special thanks to the Lingus who played Cover especially for me
  20. avatar Nana Karina
    My neck hurts.
  21. avatar whosbainejakey
    Spread 'em boy!
  22. avatar dave debonaire
    yeah, who was that guy?

    "you cant touch it, it makes it go limp"
  23. avatar nonlogic liam
    it's all fun and games. eh,eh!
  24. avatar charlysays2
    I hope your talking about his hair :D
  25. avatar charlysays2
    oh and yeah, great night Jenny, nice one
  26. avatar dave debonaire
    yeah thats what he said to me.
    i assume he meant his hair.
    although he could prob put whatever he had on his hair
    onto his schlonge and no one in the whole shower block would know the difference.
  27. avatar ConorKane
    The pictured punk is called Dennis I think. Edited by: ConorKane  at: 18/1/05 12:01 am
  28. avatar UrbanFoxxx
    I would give this guy a proper mention if I had any idea who he was... he'll just have to remain The Punk.

  29. avatar charlysays2
    Dennis such a normal name - I thought it was something like spunk or sid or spike or bulldog or summit