1. avatar cjmaitland
    How about fastfudes very own radio all featured bands who have submitted music? which we could all casually listen to whilst posting endlessly on the forum, it'd be a cult!
  2. avatar EPK
    We'd something similar for a while, but even maintaining the site as it stands is expensive and resource-draining. We had to move hosts several times for that reason.
    It'd be great though.
  3. avatar DKM101
    As a compromise how about having a 'Listening Post' Forum where bands could post links to tracks hosted on their own websites?
    It would also give users a single place to provide feedback on the music.

    It would tidy things up a bit and stop the general discussion board getting clogged up with "here's our new track, gimme some feedback" posts.
  4. avatar EPK
    That's an idea....I'll chase it up.