1. avatar Kellfire
    For anyone on broadband, or involved in a fairly active thread, the one post per minute thing is really annoying. Any chance it could be turned off? There is very seldom spam or attempts at flooding.
  2. avatar WaffleyVersatile
    or at least lowered a bit...

    it's also a pain in the @#%$ when 3 of us who share a house are trying to post on boards at the same time.

    not that we're geeks, or anything.
  3. avatar EPK
    I get it too...dunno if it can be changed from our end.
    I think it's a blanket thing, but I'll check.
    Just looked..we can change it. I'll talk to Rog, see what he thinks. Edited by: Eamonn P Keyes at: 10/11/04 3:52 pm
  4. avatar fastfude
    aye, it can be disabled, but not just slowed down - it's an all-or-nothing thing.

    I'm not saying no, but surely if you're posting multiple times in under a minute, what you need is a chat room as opposed to a discussion forum? I'd like to imagine (naive I know
    ) that people stop and think a bit before they hit reply...