1. avatar PocketPromise
    I've got my hands on an MPD and I am attempting to use it with Re-Drum in Reason. (on a mac)

    There seems to be very little on the tinternet in the way of 'how to get started' etc. Anybody know of any particularly good forums or have any tips themselves?

  2. avatar Sansie
    Hey heyyy!

    I just got me a m-audios trigger finger and it is funnnnnnn!

    I'm not sure on the set-up of the akai, but just incase this is useful information - I use the enigma software to set-up the notes of each individual pad on the trigger finger, then I can load Ultrabeat in logic, or one of the drums in Garageband and it plays the drums for me! I think youhave to set thte pads to the right notes in the range of the drums, which I think are around C1 area, i.e. lowest octave on a piano.

    I still havent worked out how to trigger loops though, which is kinda what I wanted it for, but working onit!

  3. avatar all-is-vanity
    Hey Joe, Keir here, I'll give you a quick run down on how to map pads/triggers on the akai mpd-16 to voices on Redrum.

    First make sure you have the 'control surfaces and keyboards' set up in the preferences on Reason. To do this press 'apple' + 'comma' then select 'C.S.a.K' setup as below. When open select 'Add':

    Next, you need to select manufacturer type i.e. <other>, model i.e. Midi Controller, name your device i.e. <Akai> MPD16 and lastly select the midi input (press find and hit a pad to choose it). Save up and Reason will now recognise it as a control surface:

    Assuming you now have Reason open, a Redrum created and your control surface selected, the next thing you need to do is map the pads/keys/knobs on your midi controller to parameters on the redrum. Do the following:

    1 - Select Options > Select Remote Override Edit Mode

    2 - You know you're in when blue arrows appear over parameters that can be controlled using a midi control surface

    3 - Choose which parameter you want to control (in the image below I'm selecting the trigger button found at the top right of each individual drum channel). 'ctrl' + 'click' on the parameter/blue arrow and select 'Edit Remote Override Mapping...'

    4 - Once in, select your <Akai> MPD 16 under 'Control Surface' and tick the box saying 'Learn From Control Surface Input'. Now all you need to do is hit/press which pad you want to map to that drum trigger and that's it! just keep following the same pattern for the rest of the triggers. (BTW Activity lets you know if your control surface is talking to Reason)
  4. avatar comprachio
    Is there no automapping on the Akai? Usually reason is really good for picking up and mapping interfaces and controllersd... if you've the latest version of reason i'd imagine you won't need to manually assign the triggers.
  5. avatar PocketPromise
    sansie, Keir , comprachio.. thanks..

    Keir - That was so detailed you should be working for reason/AKAI/apple (or just one of them!!)

    I'm off down to the bandroom now to try it all out.. I'll come back if I've any problems!

    Thanks again!

  6. avatar Fisty
    My first post!
    I'm going to sound like an idiot but I don't care really.

    You say "activity lets you know if your control surface is talking to Reason". Well I've done everything you say here and the hardware clearly isn't talking to the software.

    The LEDs is lit, Reason knows I have the MPD 16, I tick the box saying "Learn From Control Surface Input", tap a pad.. and..

    Nothing. Gutted. Please help.
  7. avatar all-is-vanity
    Firstly, make sure you have all software updated. Check manufacturer sites/forums to make sure there are no bugs/problems with certain updates/versions.

    Also the "control surface acitivity" works like a meter; if the software is receiving input the meter should flash. If it doesn't flash then the computer and MPD aren't talking.
  8. avatar Fisty
    I'll look for updates in a minute, but I think I'm probably missing something obvious about the midi set up.
    To be honest I'm pretty new to electronic music production, so I'm not ashamed to be stuck, I just wish I could get on with it.

    There's got to be some communication going on betwen my PC and the MPD because when I do the "Find Midi Input" stage and hit the pad it immediately fills in the box saying I have the MPD 16 attached, but it won't let me cue the drums in Re-Drum.

    I'm sure I'm missing a really obvious clue somewhere.

    I'm off to look for an update now.
    Cheers for the suggestion.
  9. avatar all-is-vanity
    Other things you might want to check is that you have samples set to be triggered and that you have the re-drum connected to the mixer or stereo outs on the rear of the devices.

    Also check that output and playback devices are connected up correctly.

    If you're having real problems, PM me and I'll try troubleshooting over the phone with you.