1. avatar Ooopsapocalypse
    If bands have split should they stay on the band list?
    Should a defunct list(ie.not updated in the last twelve months)be set up or should the info be terminated?
    The band you were in has split.
    Any valid arguements for you staying there?
  2. avatar Pete
    I suppose the easiest thing to do would be to have a band "graveyard" type thing, seperate from the main list... until Rog would get time to set something like that up it would be relatively easy to "hide" the database entries that aren't current.
  3. avatar Alan drummerguy
    I agree, assuming it doesnt effect the performance of the main band list, a sort of history section would be nice.
  4. avatar fastfude
    oops, only saw this after posting in part one. ban me.


    aye, herr feline is right: the bands list isn't just a list of who's around *now*, it's an archive of all those who've gone before.

    I'd like to still be able to see all the bands who are no longer around for completeness' sake.

    Perhaps they should be "relegated" to an archived list once confirmed as split. I can add a flag to the database to retire old bands, so they don't come up on the random band profiles anymore etc. That sound suitable?

  5. avatar feline1
    Yeah I mean y'all when ewe go into a record shop,
    they don't only stock records by bands who are currently
    going, do they...?
  6. avatar Ooopsapocalypse
    Wasn't meant as a dig at Fastfude....
    I'm just aware that when it comes to keeping Fastfude as up to date as possible,there aren't many people prepared to do so....
    I was hoping for a bit more feedback from the masses and all.
    As it stands,I mostly agree with all previously mentioned....
    Active list(updated within 6 months)
    B List(within 12 months)
    Historical List(the graveyard as such)
    If bands don't update within a year or have ceased to exist then to the graveyard they go!

    Out of curiousity,how many lists can there be?

    Anyway,now I've got a working P.C.,I wouldn't mind updating the band list if it's easy enough to do(or can be taught to a P.C. retard like myself).
    Would that be an option?

    Any thoughts.....everyone welcome as it is a discussion board y'know!
  7. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    Making different lists just means that fastfude user's bands will appear when I enter ff instead of many other bands that maybe feel that thier profile dosn't need to be changed every 6 months.

    In my oppinion the bands section does require change, as it requires a user log-in to create a band profile. This makes it a list of Fastfude user's bands, even though a moderated links page to all known band websites would be 1000 times more useful!
  8. avatar Pete
    There are many bands listed with members that don't actively participate in the forum.

    The database needs to have user logins so that people can access and ammend their own information... to do with out usernames etc would mean the workload of maintaining profiles falls on the moderators and that will just not happen.

    The bands profile set up is excellent in my eyes. The way the database links through to reviews, gigs, releases etc from each bands page is extremely useful and well designed. For bands with very little knowledge of web design and HTML it provides a prescence on the internet that they can use as a webpage.
  9. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    yes, i agree.. i think the relational database rog has in place is great, but if the moderators created bands and linked the bands to users, the page would become a much more useful resource. you can't automate everything & this would require a fair bit of moderation, but it would seem that the bands page already requires more moderation than its getting, otherwise why have these threads been started.

    also at least 4 threads have been started in the last week with people looking for band websites, which really should be the purpose of the bands page.
  10. avatar Pete
    But have the people looking for these band websites actually looked in the bands section of the main website?? I severly doubt it. It is a much underused section of Fastfude I reckon.

    Most of the changes being talked about will require a few minor adjustments to the backend code, categorising the bands by update dates and moving "deceased" bands into a different table to be reference differently. After the initial modified coding there will be little moderation as it is the responisibility of individual bands to look after their own profiles.

    I can see a compromise though, where there is a bands link page which pulls the information from the database that already exists and just displays the URLs in alphabetical order (as well as links to the profiles)... that way its an easy one stop reference page BUT you have to have a band profile to be included in it... it would also therefore update itself if/when bands change their URL and update their profile, negating the need for moderation of such a links page.
  11. avatar fastfude