1. avatar theafterglowonline
    How about it? It would give users the chance to review classic albums but users would also be able to offer their opinions on the album etc. It would stimulate some good debate.
  2. avatar Pete
    Or start a lot of arguments
  3. avatar theafterglowonline
    Thats a very pessimistic attitude Pete, there is a difference between rows and ' constructive debate'
  4. avatar fastfude
    one of the modifications I've been working on for the reviews section has been to allow users to comment on others' reviews, so your suggestion could probably be accomdated that way. It'd also keep all the reviews together instead of splitting them between the forums and the site.
  5. avatar theafterglowonline
    Yes thats perfect rog. Once a release has been reviewed it usually doesn't get reviewed again, i know i have not reviewed some releases simply because someone already has reviewed it extensively.
    This way if we feel theres a small point to add , we could.