1. avatar Thomas Flavell
    chat room is whats needed
  2. avatar Future Real
    Its been talked about in the past but was decided against :b
  3. avatar Thomas Flavell

    ahh well, back 2 the drawing board
  4. avatar kennedyrass
    'ow comes it was decided against? just out of curiosity likes...
  5. avatar insincerejon
    You could always start your own - create a channel called fastfude on efnet (as simple as "/join #fastfude") or some other big IRC network and let people who are interested know about it - another forum I post on did this in the past and a good while later, there are still more than enough regulars who stuck with the channel to make it a lively place to while away the hours.

    This way, the channel is also independent of the forum, yet people who are from the forum and want to chat with others can check it out.
  6. avatar EPK
    We actually had one for a while,but it wasn't really ever used, and died. Jon's idea is the best.
  7. avatar Pete
    Like I need another way to waste away my day!!