1. avatar smalldistraction
    As I was trying to send you my user information, I filled in all the appropriate boxes and checked the preview. When I pressed the button to create the profile and it brought up a 404 error.

    Just thought you should be advised.

  2. avatar fastfude
    *shrug* works for me. Is it still doing it today?
  3. avatar smalldistraction
    its not, no. must be my internet connection, I will try it from work on Monday.

    Cheers anyway.
  4. avatar Pete
    while we're at it...

    Rog, I updated the morph profile to bring the discography and song lists up to date... but although the new stuff exists if I try to edit things, they don't actually show on the profile... is this a moderation thing, or a problem?
  5. avatar zebulon
    A problem?
    Silly man, it's a [i]feature[/i], obviously!
  6. avatar Pete

    I [i]soooo[/i] have to remember that one for use in work!
  7. avatar Daithi jasper
    Oh, I use that one all the time, but with a little variation, "It's an "undocumented" feature" And if challenged, "It's no extra charge"
  8. avatar smalldistraction
    sorry about this rog, i have just had a new broadband connection and the link still doesn't work.

    Is there anyway i could send you all the info in an email and then it could be validated from there?
  9. avatar fastfude
    aye, email is in my profile, I'll run it through.
  10. avatar smalldistraction
    Cheers boss, I'll pass it through shortly.
  11. avatar fastfude
    here, you've got a profile already though: [url]http://www.fastfude.com/userDetail.asp?userID=151[/url]
  12. avatar smalldistraction
    Thanks very much, I hope I haven't wasted any of your time.

    The reason I applied again is that I 'assumed' that the user logins were no longer available after the fastfude site went down a few months ago. My fault entirely, a good kick in the ass for me!

    Thanks again, Jason.
  13. avatar fastfude
    nah, it's all still there.

    I waste so much time by myself, I can't imagine there'd be any left for others to waste!