1. avatar Future Real
    Just wondering, how many posts are we given per day??? and when are the limits going to be taken off?? I know its so people dont rip the ass out of posting but sometimes it can be really annoying if you wana post something and the wee message screen shows up.
  2. avatar fastfude
    There are two settings at present - a limit of 5 posts per day, or unlimited.

    Users with less than 50 posts are automatically assigned the 5 post limit, in an effort to make people take more time over integrating themselves into the community.

    Too many folks used to wade in on day one, get into fights with people they don't know and then stomp off in a huff when they got their egos bruised.

    We can also assign the 5 post limit to anyone who we feel is spamming the boards too much, to try and make them slow down and think a bit before posting another chat-room non-post. This is generally a temporary limit, which we remove again when we're happy that the user has settled down a bit. There's little worse than getting good topics saturated with meaningless posts...

    Apart from that, users over the 50 post mark currently have no daily post restrictions.
  3. avatar Future Real
    So i only have 5 posts today (four after this)i promise ill be good ;)