1. avatar leighleigh1980
    My first post!
    ...is goin on with this board? its killin my eyes!
  2. avatar rudedoodle
    I know, it's like it's STUCK IN CAPS LOCK.
    I'm sure we'll get used to it.
  3. avatar fastfude
    stuck in caps lock? wa?

    take a screenshot and post it on the wishlist forum.

    what browser & version are you on?

    moving this to wishlist shortly...
  4. avatar rudedoodle
    Very capslocky on my IE.
  5. avatar Pete
    I'm sure its just a bit weird for people to see the change in style. I take it is to make the board fit more closely with the new site??

    Anyway, here you go, a link to a screen grab from me


    I'm using IE6, its identical on Mozilla 1.0 and Netscape 7 (except that the dotted-underline looks a lot more pleasant
  6. avatar die the flu
    What *is* with all the weird upper/lower case business?
  7. avatar fhoadam
    i just feel sorry for Roger having to listen to everyone moan and complain everytime something's changed here or there, especially after the amount of work put into the new site. i'd have killed you all by now. and i mean that in a nice way

    just let him get on with it for feck sake

    Edited by: fhoadam at: 11/17/02 6:16:54 pm