1. avatar Kenny jasper
    'You will only be able to post a new topic once every minute. This is a safety feature to discourage post flood attacks (Flaming/Spamming).

    Please hit the BACK button on your browser and try again after a minute.
    Thank you for your patience.'

    Big Brother is now controlling the Internet
  2. avatar feline1
    I get that all the time, bird.
    Pain in the ass.
    I think they want me to type slower...
  3. avatar fastfude
    If it takes you less than 60 seconds to go through the process of starting a whole new topic, I'm willing to bet it's not very in-depth, eh?
  4. avatar feline1
    It doesn't just happen when I'm starting new topics,
    it happens when I'm just innocently replying to threads.

    And I can type a fair few lines in 60 seconds y'all.
  5. avatar fastfude
    I've noticed

    anyhoo, I'd take it to the ezBoard help forums, because I've no feckin' idea why it happens!
  6. avatar fhoadam
    it happens if you post or reply on one board then try to post on another board with a spam block on within 60 seconds. it's always been like that
  7. avatar Kenny jasper
    I posted this on the main board - I was wondering where it went
    F1 you get a pain in the ass all the time? Maybe you should see a doctor :P
  8. avatar BlimeyitsSimey
    And now the football.