1. avatar Future Real
    I was just wondering is there anyway of sending an e-mail to every band whos signed up to fastfude at the one go??
  2. avatar retropunk
    yeah i think that wude be useful as to advertising promoting gigs etc......seeing the gigs pge is not active at the mo.
  3. avatar Future Real
    Well thank you is there anyway of doing this Mr Webmaster
  4. avatar The Evangelists
    Don't think thats possible. Besides, some people would probably abuse it and spam the population.
  5. avatar retropunk
    yeah but have just the emails of other bands then dont ach i dont kno i give up, future real its up to u............
  6. avatar zebulon
    Can I be blunt?
    I actually had a big long rant typed up there, but I deleted it.
    I'll summarize:
    Get the f*ck out of my f*cking inbox you f*cking spammer.
    Why not post it on fastfude instead of taking the time and effort to mail hundreds of people?

    I thank you.
  7. avatar retropunk
    if thats the way u feel then i take it as a no go??????
    jesus if only judges and career advisors wer like u then we wudnt have most of todays pop music......u just come rite out with it, unlike them giving the musicians false honesty and telling them there good or have potential.
  8. avatar Future Real
    So is there any way of doing it, yey or ney :D
    it would be very handy to have everyones adresses saved in your address book.

    Someone came out with the idea why not just post it on the message boards but remember not every memember of fastfude uses the message boards ;)
  9. avatar Future Real
    Maybe something like the active user page could be done with everyones active email address, or could it???
  10. avatar zebulon
    Most people who want to do this get the email addresses in two ways:
    1. Collecting addresses from mass mailout emails they've received.
    2. Painstakingly going through the profiles on the boards and culling all the addresses listed.

    Be prepared for people asking you to stop emailing them, and not asking nicely.
  11. avatar Future Real
    I wouldnt just email people with out a reason, but if you were to go threw everyones profile to get there address, you would be there for weeks :eek
  12. avatar zebulon
    but you can get software which will follow all the links on a website and record all the email addresses.
  13. avatar fastfude
    well, I have the ability to spam all the members, but I'm damned if I'm making that list public - it would be spam hell and then some. No, I'd say you're far better off with alternative methods of self-promotion. Simply whitewashing the net with your next gig date is no more likely (imho) to get people to come than standing on a street corner with a megaphone.
  14. avatar Comrade Luke
    Future Real, you are aware that sending out unsolicited emails (i.e. spamming) is illegal and could wind you up in court with a five grand fine?

    If you wanted to send an email to everyone on fastfude you would first need to ask them do they want to receive emails from you and provide everyone with an unsubscribe option on every email.
  15. avatar The Ronster
    Ahem. Check the date.
  16. avatar Comrade Luke
    haha whoops