1. avatar feline1
    Why can we not use capital letters on these boards?

    They are an essential part of grammar,
    denoting the starts of sentances,
    the first person singluar personal pronoun,
    Prapper Nouns, the beginning of direct speech,
    shouting, boldness, ridiculous over-emphasis,
    and suchlike.
  2. avatar fastfude
    I don't like people posting topics with subjects in all-caps, and the idea was to prevent that. unfortunately, ezBoard have their style sheets set up in such a way that altering subject line formatting affects other page elements too :/

    looking for a workaround...
  3. avatar feline1
    Can ewe not replace the EZboard style sheet with one of ewer own?
  4. avatar fastfude
    yes, but the prablem is that they've assigned all the CLASS attributes manually in the HTML, and they use the same one for subject lines, usernames and post copy. Which is pants.
  5. avatar feline1
    Well I must say that I think the occasional person "shouting" in capitals is much less of an evil than every single sentance
    everyone else types being stripped of all capital letters.
    It looks completely ahine and is distracting and difficult
    to read and suchlike.
  6. avatar fastfude
    eh. bugger it. tried to unpick ezBoard HTML tonight, but it's a crock o' @#%$. too many invalidly nested tags to care.
  7. avatar feline1
    Now we can all take a TARDIS to the YMCA in 10000BC
    and shout "AHIIIIIIIIINE!" :-)
  8. avatar fastfude
    standardness! yay!

  9. avatar feline1
    Aye, I notice in their FAQ that they even mention LYNX :-)

    I wonder if this is cos I asked them to include "Link"
    tags in their headers cos they looked nice in lynx? :-)
  10. avatar fastfude
    back in the day, when FF was on pub2 (when there only was one ezBoard server! pub1 being Vanchau's laptop or sthg) they were always quite amenable to admin suggestions and I got a fair few minor tweaks implemented. Obviously the scale of the job now limits that rather brutally, but it was nice to know they gave a damn