1. avatar Blind Eye View
    A few Suggestions

    (replacing Ni Metal Forum)

    Venues :

    NERVE CENTRE : [url]http://www.nerve-centre.org.uk/[/url]

    BOUND FOR BOSTON : [url]http://www.boundforboston.com/[/url]

    McKENNAS BREWERY : [url]http://www.thebluesboard.com/brewery/[/url]
  2. avatar DeathDisco
    also the removal of intermission - been dead for a year or two.
  3. avatar Blind Eye View


    is the correct URL for the Hot Press website.
  4. avatar fastfude

    will update the nite.

    keep em coming
  5. avatar Eamonn Evangelists

    The amount of A&R contacts is pretty amazing. Gives a little info about each of the lables as well.
  6. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    and [url="http://www.thingsyouremissing.com"]www.thingsyouremissing.com[/url]
    A distribution thingy based in Dublin. Us and Yakuza are on it already.
  7. avatar Benjamin Braddock

    Gives upcoming events at the Arcadia a VERY exciting preview.
    And you can talk to people and everything.