1. avatar Ronan Yakuza
    I've been using [url="http://www.thumped.com"]thumped.com[/url], which is a Bulletin board, a good bit recently and have found the private messaging service on it to be very useful as in my workplace, email is firewalled. I just wondering if ezboard has a similar function and if so would anybody else use it?

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  2. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    If you click on my profile you'll see "Send a message" underneath my email address. This will send an email to me at hotmail.

    To enable this option go to your Control Centre and go to edit preferences. There should be a wee private messages box to click, then save changes.
  3. avatar Ronan Yakuza
    Aye but if you were to reply to that message in the same way would the reply be sent to my hotmail address? cos I can't access it in werk
  4. avatar Ronan Yakuza
    I done it anyway