1. avatar Comrade Luke
    um...er...submitted my band "Gama Bomb" to the band listings ages ago...got confirmation of pasword and all...but still no sign of us in the listings...just wondering...have we made some offensive comments in the wee bit about us? (i.e. "speed metal, faster than a nazi fleeing to argentina"...could possibly be taken offence at, if so feel free to remove it)...or do you not like "Turbo" metal?...or have you forgotten us completly?
  2. avatar fastfude
    nope, what's actually causing the delay is my crap memory preventing me from remembering to moderate the new band entries. That and I'm working like a dawg on the new format bands page anyhoo, which I hope will be ready in the coming weeks...

    please grit teeth and fondle beads, normal inefficient service will resume eventually!