1. avatar rudedoodle
    I was wondering if a gig forum would be a good idea? There seems to be a lot of promotion on the main forum of gigs that are planned at the last minute, changes in bands playing etc.
    Some times the gig page isn't updated and gigs are missed, although I do find it the best tool on the web for finding out where and when bands are playing.
    It would mean bands could list their gigs a month or two in advance also.
  2. avatar fastfude
    well the normal gig list runs about a month ahead, and the rule of thumb is generally make sure you submit AT LEAST one week in advance. After all, even if we do post gigs submitted the night before they happen, you're REALLY cutting down the possibility of people reading it in time.
    I don't mind last minute updates being posted on the forum, as people don't generally go hunting for that stuff, so if it's gonna be read at all, the forum is the best bet.

    I'd prefer longer term gig posts were submitted to the main gig page though, EamonnE doesn't have time to type all them up AND go sifting the forums to the find lazy bollixes who stuck their post down there somewhere (assuming I don't delete them first for badness