1. avatar retropunk
    this is my first ever new topic other than the classifieds.............neway i was just wondering wether it would be a good idea if urselves(fastfude) were to do a band promo thing like say have an artist of the week where its impossible for visitors not to check them out.....have it stuck on there face as soon as they open the fastfude door.......or kall it band promo or artist of the week or random promotion or song of the week or band of the week or wankers of the week......or watever.......have like a big online interview with the band or artist and some reviews or some info on them neway in that way every artiste or band gets a little week of fame......just think about it theres only very close to 200 bands listed here it would only take bout 4 years to do each band in fastfude thats all...............then whatever other bands are joined since then..........

    oh yeah , ur rite , i think u should start with kapitol 25 ive got no obligations.....(whats the word mean?)........hey ho gotta go!!!!!!!
  2. avatar EPK
    Not a bad idea...a featured band sort of thing...particularly if they release something or record something.
    Maybe one track on MP3 and a small profile and gig list for the next few weeks. I like it.
  3. avatar retropunk
    yeah the bands who dont have nething to show for themselves well they are going to have to work harder if they want fame and fortune........or wheel of fortune .........or family fortune..................and neway we will see what "our survey says".................top answer or xxx

    dont worry kapitol25 will have songs up by the end of this month or the start of next
  4. avatar EPK
    I'll give a pound to anyone who can translate the above.
  5. avatar retropunk
    a pound is not enuff, have u never heard of les dennis??????????the ginger bloke ..........family fortune.........it was a klassik............
  6. avatar Jonny Hi Five
    Whatever that crazy guy is talking about, the band promo thing is quite a good idea:

    There's a nice wee space on the News Page on the left hand side for a "Featured Band" title and blurb. It could read something like:

    Featured Band No. x:
    The Smelly People
    The Derry quartet have just recorded a great new 3 song single. Click here to read a short interview, bio, and listen to an MP3.

    Then readers would be directed to a fastfude page dedicated to the band. The interviews could be done on the internet (messenger or something similar) or in person (at a gig). Or they could just be made up completely.

    Obviously there has to be some quality control - only bands who the moderators feel are really making a name for themselves (or at least deserve to be making a name for themselves) should be featured.

    Every featured band could then be archived for future use.

    The archive would be like the bands page except from an outsider's point of view, and without all the no-hopers who practice 3 times a year and call themselves musicians.

    Sound good?
  7. avatar Comrade Luke
    yep...good idea
  8. avatar retropunk
    i am a crazy guy thanx for noticing.......bands on the A list only becoz the b listers they just joined and never came back..........at least the a list makes full use of fastfude.......so only have A list on the promotion bandwagon........or if u wanna make things quicker have like a band for each genre and have an overall band/artist of the week......nah maybe not but have one for each genre every week so u can get through quicker becoz if its say an electronica band that gets the promotion its not everyone's cup of tea so like have one for metal/punk/indie/grunge-(if it exists in this country,) electronica etc..........

  9. avatar fastfude
    yes, this seems like a fair enough idea.

    some questions about how you'd like it:

    what criteria decides the band?

    a-list only

    genre-per-week idea isn't a bad notion either (if we can get bands to stick to a genre!)

    should the mods make a shortlist for a public poll?

    how long should each feature last? (I'm thinking a week/fortnight...)

    what info should be featured? (bandpage biogs are a bit big, maybe a 1-line description (by band), and 1-line of what they're doing atm)?
  10. avatar wyldscallions
    Just as long as you don't have a UK Garage week I don't have any problems.

    Although is "Rock" going to be a genre? Because the vast majority of bands here, a lot of whom are very good, would fit into this genre and might not get picked ever whereas the sole Reggae band or wattnott will have to be featured. You know what I mean?

    I'm not sure if the genre thing is a great idea although I do agree that it should be made as diverse as possible.
  11. avatar Comrade Luke
    definately a shortlist for public poll would be a good idea, i think the features should last about a fortnight, the feature could contain a pic of the band, who the
    member(s) are and what they do in the band, a short biog and 'what we're doing now' which would be sent in by the band, also links to all the usual (website/contact/mp3/ezboard ..etc)

    ...also if there was a poll of say 5 band then they could be mentioned with something like a link to their site.
  12. avatar retropunk
    i dont kno bout the polls, coz if one of my bands are up against the likes of evangelists or dangerfields then we are skrewed.......coz my bands have just been going a year or so and need this promo these bands dont need much promo like evngelists and dangerfields but yet they should still be in it but i dont like the idea of polls.......

    and if u go and do polls then maybe u kan put my band in it like "getting paid under the table" becoz i started this idea and i need something im crazy...name it after me or something......or let me select what bands coz im a keen fan of the local scene and i am a 23/7 er of this website one hour is taken up by eating ,disconnections,toilet,smoking

    this is my smoking time im giving up......

    i talk @#%$ dont i?
  13. avatar EPK
    I don't think there should be any polls or stuff like that.
    The only criterion for being featured is to do something.
    If a band's just finished a demo, or something for release, or have something important coming up.
    Then they should get a special section, with photo, lineup, link to site, and MP3 link and some additional blurb.
    That'll encourage bands to do something instead of talking.
    Activity...not votes, will be the decider.
    You want your band featured?
    Work for it.
  14. avatar retropunk
    okay thats it finished.........no more suggestions just get it started..........as long as bands have got songs on mp3, becoz bands like us (kapitol25, field-ix) are poor and havent got money to record in studio we just record at home..........so we still should get promotion stuff like all the others.....so as long as a band has some sort of music on the internet then they count themselves in.
  15. avatar Anonymous
    yes, but
    no matter how many times i update petrina goatboy, we are always on the b-list
  16. avatar Niall Harden
    well add the Dead Wretches then

    we'll show 'em :-)
  17. avatar Anonymous
    thats not all we're gonna show em.
  18. avatar The Evangelists
    One of the ways for this site to progress is to keep adding new projects/features like this.

    [url="http://www.theevangelists.freeuk.com"] The Evangelists
  19. avatar Comrade Luke
    so is this gonna be happening or not?
  20. avatar fastfude
    looks like it will!

    stay chooned
  21. avatar Le Sac Magique
    anyone can make a difference even a crazy guy called dee who smokes all day
  22. avatar retropunk
    retropunk was quite a young fool back then ......hes matured alot since then.............

    eat my shorts
    its in the game.
  23. avatar crash pilot
    do they do this?
  24. avatar tinpot anto
    All of those people are dead, show some respect
  25. avatar fopp
    Thanks lads, I've just maded the school boy error of reading through all that thinking it was current.

    Should've known though, nobody would ever speak like that punk guy any more.
  26. avatar alastair14