1. avatar die the flu
    Please consider reinstating reply functions.

    One of the benefits of this medium is the ability to interact.
    Taking away the ability to reply to classifieds essentially makes them no better than classifieds in, say, newspapers.
    Why not utilize the full benefits this particular medium offers?
  2. avatar fastfude
    Okey Dokey, Classified replies are go!
  3. avatar retropunk
    why was the replys all constipated up? for classifieds neway?
  4. avatar die the flu
    I think people were getting annoyed at people hi-jacking their ads and talking crap in them.

    There should be enough moderators now to put an end to "that sort of thing".
  5. avatar fastfude
    yes, the repl ies were blocked because people were using the threads for banter and slagging, the Telegraph or Irish News would hardly let you do the same, now would they?
  6. avatar retropunk
    probably not but the dungannon observer would !!!!!!