1. avatar retropunk
    i think
    that fastfude shude do what metalkireland have done by having all the users listed on a page but only have the number of posts beside the name descending from the highest poster til the lowest. it wude just give a rankign on wer ppl are in the posts league, i kno its not all about who has the most posts but it would be nice to kno. :)
  2. avatar DeeK25
    ive seen you have sorta taken my wish and used it without actually viewing my wish rog!, we think alike :)
  3. avatar fastfude
    perhaps we cud have a spelink and gramatikal akurassy rankin to!
  4. avatar retropunk
    yeah that wude be gr8 ya kno, wonder wer i wude be ranq'd

    s'ppose alkohol doesney help with me bad spel-leeeeeen.

    but hey knot evreewon is perfeckt.

    alltho i kant see me doin gude innit yakno put it wude be kewl to see