1. avatar emo goblin
    I cant work it- is it still not working or is it just my computer?
    Anyhooo- next Invasion Eartrh is this Thurdsay - Thursday the 20th June....
  2. avatar fastfude
    aye, it works here.

    what exactly is wrong?

    (btw gonna move this to wishlist forum after you've read/replied, so look for it there later)
  3. avatar The Evangelists
    It's werking on this computer. The Invasion Earth gig is listed. The full line-up will be on it as soon as one of y'all can submit it!

    The Evangelists[/url] Edited by: The Evangelists at: 6/17/02 6:56:13 pm
  4. avatar emo goblin
    Cool, thanx. Everytime I tried to submit it it just froze and then went to that url not found thingy and what not.
  5. avatar fastfude
    I just did a test submit ok. It took a few seconds to go through, but I got the confirmation page ok. might just be a bad hair day for the submit form's server... Edited by: fastfude at: 6/17/02 10:28:18 pm