1. avatar Ronan Yakuza
    I'm usually at work when I'm on FF, and nearly every time I log in, when I click the "go back to fastfude" link, I come back to FF but I'm not logged in and it still says "Need help logging in?" on the top.
    I'd really love to know whats going on there, anybody got a clue?
  2. avatar Blind Eye View
    Ronan, its probably just returned to the cached copy of the page, when you return to fastfude, try refreshing the screen and it'll probably changed to 'Logged on as..'.

    If not, check you have cookies etc enabled.
  3. avatar Ronan Yakuza
    Yeah but I tried refreshing it and it doesn't work, but I should say that this never happens anywhere else but from my workplace, where there is a firewall, but it lets you on to some sites (Including FF) if you're going there for work related reasons ( :lol
    ) Perhaps its affecting my log in?
    How do I check if I have cookies, and if I don't, where's the cookie jar? Edited by: Ronan Yakuza at: 4/16/02 2:11:18 pm
  4. avatar retropunk
    LOL. if the workplace ever firewalls fastfude.com like my skewl. just go to google type in fast fude, and u shall be able to access the ezboreds there.
  5. avatar EPK
    Untrue. This does not necessarily work, and inf act I've never managed to get it to work at all.
  6. avatar edna welthorpe
    that sounds like my work
  7. avatar retropunk
    wer u replying to me eamonn or ronan???????