1. avatar No31online
    OK, the time has finally arrived for killing no31online. Apart from being a crap name, the wee project ended ages ago and so after purchasing a new dotcom for which to stick all my work on, i thought a new ezboard ID was in order to match.

    But whats with the application thing? I sent it nearly a week ago and i'm still waiting for it to be accepted!!
    Is everyone accepted or is Rog doing a monthly Panel selection interview to see if ppl meet the criteria??

    Does anyone know anything about this???
  2. avatar The Evangelists
    E-mail him - rogherbert@hotmail.com
  3. avatar No31online
    i did that already!!!
    no reply!! things are getting kinda home aloneish round here!!
    "oh the downfalls of success...." n so forth!!
  4. avatar The Evangelists
    What's your new user name and email address?
    Post it here or email it to me & I'll make sure Roger sees it.

    PS: Im gonna move this thread to the wishlist soon, if you don't mind.
  5. avatar fastfude
    k, I'm slowly clawing back time for the site, got all the user applications processed this evening! If anyone is still waiting, it's because they haven't filled out a profile, all others have been accepted/rejected and should have a confirmation mail telling them so!