1. avatar Blind Eye View
    My sugesstion is that we compile a list of the *relevant* people to submit bio's, CDs and gig details to at local papers thoughout Ireland. Bands from each town would most likely know what person to talk to so when, for example a band from Belfast are doing a gig in Derry they could look on the list to see the name, phone number, address or e-mail address of who to contact at the 'Derry Journal' etc who'll more than liley do a small piece of them ??

    Not sure how up to date this is but I know of the following local papers :

    Anderstown News
    Antrim Guardian
    Antrim Times
    Armagh Observer
    Ballyclare Gazette
    Ballymena Guardian
    Ballymena Times
    Banbridge Chronicle
    Banbridge Leader
    Belfast Telegraph
    Carrick Times
    Carrickfergus Advertiser
    Coleraine Chronicle
    Coleraine Times
    Dungannon Democrat
    Derry Journal
    Down Recorder
    Fermanagh Herald
    Irish News
    Larne Gazette
    Larne Times
    Londonderry Sentinel
    Lurgan Mail
    Mid Ulster Echo
    Mid Ulster Mail
  2. avatar fastfude
    This is a very good idea. In fact, it would be a good evolution of the idea of the links page. At present the links page just passively sends you off to various sites where you're at the mercy of the organisation's ability to inform you through HTML.
    I'm sure a big bunch of those papers don't even have sites, but the site link is just a means to an end, where the end is often connecting to a real person who can produce tangible results for you or your band.
    I'll brood on this some more later, but I think this could go somewhere interesting...

    In the meantime, start up an FAQ, and anyone with contacts or info to contribute can do so
  3. avatar The Evangelists
    gUY TO TALK TO - Brendan mc Daid - 02871 272200 Edited by: The Evangelists at: 10/13/01 4:09:44 pm
  4. avatar Blind Eye View
    I dount many local rags have a web presence, I was thinking more a large list with name, phone no and addresses of the relvant people, and e-mail addresses if they have them as well, although a large number of local papers don't even have them yet !
  5. avatar EPK
    Have a go, but why not bin them yourself and save the postage? Other than people I know personally,no-one has ever paid the slightest attention to being sent even professional press packs. They obviously lacked the necessary ingredient...something free.
  6. avatar Niall Harden
    there was a band a wee while ago called Cava or sthg and they sent us a really REALLY pro looking press pack and i was so impressed i went to see them
    and they were rubbish
  7. avatar Blind Eye View
    Cava are indeed anything but rubbish you young scamp !

    Although it's totally different to what I normally listen to Cava have some frankly amazing tunes, and the singer's voice is phenominal (sp?)

  8. avatar Special Agent Lemmy Cauti
    Niall, why did they send you a press pack?
  9. avatar rigsy
    don't forget the wonderful
    which has featured reviews of volvograd, desert hearts, torgas valley reds and many more in the last few weeks.
    i kid you not.

    something to do with the fact i write the cheesy music column.

    anyway, wrhmo@hotmail.com is the contact.
  10. avatar EPK
    The "us" Niall is referring to is a sort of Royal We...where he means it was sent to his father, automatically including Niall, his mum, cousins, milkman, dog and budgie.
    And if you thought they were rubbish, you've ears made out of turnips.
  11. avatar Blind Eye View
    has anyone looked more into this ?? I know the Banbridge Chronicle will frankly print any old @#%$ that Jonny BEV give's them , and the Derry Journal did a piece on the Evangelists 2nd birthday gig.
  12. avatar Niall Harden
    it was actually Cage i was talking about,
    and yes it got sent to my dad,
    but i get all the decent CDs and look at press packs to nick ideas from
  13. avatar EPK
    Ah, yes, Niall...you're the ramora of the local scene. :-)