1. avatar BlimeyitsSimey
    Let's get a membership system going.

    No more anonymous posters, full names, on record. Act like a silly and lose your membership and right to post.

    I think it's been forced to this.
  2. avatar Niall Harden
    what if you have an embarassing surname?
    i really just wanna be Niall H :-(
  3. avatar die the flu
    Bring back the main/open forum system.

    Problems solved.
  4. avatar fastfude
    eh? it wasn't solved last time, that's why it went!

    dunno if there's much ability for enforcing a system with praper names Simey, the profiles could easily be edited after acceptance. However there is a fairly strong filter on new users, plus the rather handy ban by email method employed by ezboard.
  5. avatar BlimeyitsSimey
    Maybe a 'who's who' of fastfude that stays on record?
  6. avatar fhoadam








  7. avatar fastfude
  8. avatar The Fires of Hell
    Well this has already proved successful at Metal Ireland (see "users"). People there are probably older and a little less likely to fire up any old garbage, but it has already facilitated meets outside the board... eg I met two people last week alone via the photo they submitted, and if I pushed it a bit more it would be more popular. But I am lazy.

    Anyway, I dont know if its a good idea for FF users due to sheer volume. I think anyone over an arbitrary amount of posts should be able to have a profile. People would see this and the "status" it affords (i cant believe i just said that) and would be motivated to post good stuff until that threshold.... then get a profile.

    I think that makes a lot more sense.
  9. avatar BlimeyitsSimey
    Put it to a vote.

    Sorry, Adam sometimes slips into binary during his regular psychotic writing sessions.

    I mean "creative artistic creating phases".
  10. avatar The Fires of Hell
    Do you mean an internal FF vote for membership applications? I think that is a reasonable idea as you could do them in batches of 10 etc and update it fortnightly/monthly, hence you can monitor peoples activity etc...
  11. avatar BlimeyitsSimey
    I actually meant put to a vote whether FF should go ahead with a membership system. But yeah, maybe vote on who gets in? Digital Forums have a seperate wee board for posting names of people who you reckon should be banned. 3 strikes, and you're out.
  12. avatar shanemacgowan
    Simey, that's a load of nonsense. You'd scare off newbies. Let's not get imbred.
  13. avatar Rich9
    also i don't want to have to register another username just to use fastfude when 'Rich9' is ezOP on several other boards.
  14. avatar Future Real
    No way, i dont think normal users should be able to ban people, this could get really out of control, people would start kicking people cos they dont like their band or because they had been kicked out by that person.

    Let the guys who are runing in now do what they have been doing, i think their doing well
  15. avatar Smallsquare
    Get rid of easyboard. Implement your own forum system type thang with a slahsdot style kudos system where users get points based on the quality of there posts etc.

    Just an idea.
  16. avatar Niall Harden
    or, simpler, bring taglines back...
  17. avatar BlimeyitsSimey
    A membership system would not necessarily involve having to create a new ezboard account.

    I believe putting your real name in your ezboard account info would instantly remove the anonymous trolling and inane waffle.

    I don't think it would scare off newbies, but I think it would scare off people who just want to use the forum as a chat room, which is a good thing.

    Normal users would not ever be given the ability to ban posters. I've seen two implementations on other boards that try to tackle the problem of irritating posters. One is the three strikes and your out approach, which gives moderators a picture of who is causing havoc. Of course the decision is left entirely up to the moderator.

    Another, safer approach, is a facility to "email a moderator about this thread", which can't be implemented on FF as it involves server side cgi, but it does have the effect of cleaning up the forum, as people who get annoyed by a post vent their frustation in email, privately, to a moderator, rather than publically flaming.

    Of course, none of these things need to happen if we can maintain an adult level on the board, and problems are mailed to a moderator rather than a public slanging match.
  18. avatar NIMFwebmaster
    That last sentence is crucial. Tricks and gadgets are treating the symptom, not the core problem. Regarding real names in profiles... who is to say what is genuine and false? I agree that it would immediately decrease trolling, but it is likewise open to abuse. I still think it should be implemented if possible though.

    I think that the overall tone and atmosphere of the board will determine peoples behaviour and its that that needs to be concentrated on... rooting out the crap quickly and proactive nurturing of positive threads being the key to this.
  19. avatar BlimeyitsSimey
    Like a garden, except tamed and tended lovingly rather than being allowed to become a vast wilderness full of nasty surprises and hidden danger....like Niall's hair for example...
  20. avatar retropunk
    heres another stupid idea have like a voted system that will end up giving you

    the top 5 good guys of fastfude boards

    and the top 5 bad guys of fastfude boards

    and vote every month or so

    i think it might clear some peoples attitudes up a little to try and get them on the good guy list, but the top 5 bad guys need punished in some way, like banned for posting for bout a week.
  21. avatar die the flu
    Every topic (bar one) on the first page is music related.

    The first page is as interesting as the music of Travis.

  22. avatar EPK
    That's a different matter.
    That's something people DO have control over themselves. A good topic'll get a good response and level of debate.
    If we didn't step in your first dull page would have consisted of two dull pages.
  23. avatar BlimeyitsSimey
    Yeah, well some people seem to get a kick out of being the 'bad guys' of FF.

    DTF, everyone needs to make an effort to make the forum interesting, on topic, and valuable.
  24. avatar antojasper
    Youse are mental.

    How about just putting up with an acceptable level of trolling.

    The main reason that anyone visits the board is for its entertainment value, and the occassion daft troll is often entertaining.

    Sterilising the whole thing, like that Michael Jackson Ezboard someone posted a few months ago is just madness.

    ppl of average intellect can easily tell the tone of a post, whether it be trollish, sarcastic or helpful, although on-line sometimes uncertainty can lead to unnecessary argie-bargie, it's all healthy and natural.

    As long as there's a hard core of users who see the value in having a musical discussion forum of this type, FF is as safe as Frogs.
  25. avatar EPK
    Trolls cause endless amount of hassle...which is, of course, their aim.
    Worse to me is the dumbing down aspect over this past year, where inane chatter has replaced even arguments for the most part. You know the sort, usually involving texting language and a complete lack of brain usage.
  26. avatar tinpot anto
    [quote:68199459f8="smallsquare"]Get rid of easyboard. Implement your own forum system type thang with a slahsdot style kudos system where users get points based on the quality of there posts etc.

    Just an idea. [/quote:68199459f8]

    A true prophet...
  27. avatar icedcoffee
  28. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    [quote:55225ace64]quality of there posts etc.

    ahhhhhhhh Their ahhhhhhhhlolzzzz!!!1!
  29. avatar Daithi jasper
    Ah remember when Fastfude went to war with the Michael Jackson ezboard. Those [i:35998504d4]were[/i:35998504d4] the days.
  30. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    i think you are looking for problems that arent there - it isnt that out of hand is it?!
  31. avatar my-angel-rocks
    You do of course realise this thread started 6 years ago?