1. avatar Smallsquare
    Are reviews of gigs/media strictly limited to local music for local people or can current chart hits be reviewed also? Maybe if there was more nonlocal content we could entice the casual music buying/gig going public to the board and then trick them into listening to local music. It would also allow the honing of review skills without people offending other local bands starting flame wars.
  2. avatar EPK
    Mmm....dodgy one this.
    I've always been against it, although it has happened before, since :
    a) Regular stuff already gets reviewed x thousand times everywhere from Q to the Andytown News
    b) A run of it would completely unbalance the local content.
    c) It'd probably start a flame war anyway.
  3. avatar Future Real
    I vote keep it local
  4. avatar Jonny Hi Five

    I think we should be allowed to review international acts' releases. We seem to be allowed to review gigs by foreign bands playing in foreign countries (cf. my own review of SFA in Edinburgh - although I wrote this review to try to give people an idea of what the Belfast gig was going to be like 2 weeks later).

    In response to one of your comments, EPK, I don't really trust magazines like Q (and definitely not the Andytown News), simply because I don't read them enough to learn each reviewer's taste in music. I know a lot of people on this 'ere board, and am very familiar with their tastes in music. I would value lots of views on any music by loadsa fastfude users.
  5. avatar BlimeyitsSimey
    The only review I have ever read in my life that was of any value, was a review of Superunkown by Soundgarden. It simply said "Buy this album now".

    I think it was in Q, or Select, or maybe even Kerrang. I don't remember.

    I personally hate reading reviews of albums. Reviews of local bands are infinitely more interesting, if they are well written.

    I would love to see interviews with signed bands who gig here on FF. But I would hate to read album reviews as the only albums that would get reviewed are albums that have been bought by the reviewer, and I wouldn't spend 16 quid on a CD unless I already knew I was gonna at least like it quite a bit. So it would be defeating the purpose really.
  6. avatar zebulon
    The best reviews I've read are those in The Wire.
    Largely they are descriptive without being judgemental because they're aiming to help you understand what the album sounds like as opposed to whether it fits into their own personal opinion space.

    That aside, The Very Best Review I ever read was one in Kerrang! of the King's X album Gretchen Goes to Nebraska in 1989.
    I saved up, bought the album, listened to it and loved it.
  7. avatar fastfude
    I kinda look at it from the point of view that local music gets priority, but really any release/gig that has inspired oneself musically is a fair cop. I guess how they're written is key: as Zeb says, descriptive without being judgemental would be best. I personally get very tired of "form over content" journalism, to the point where I can't really read the major music mags anymore without imploding.
  8. avatar zebulon
    Exactly my point Rog: Every music is of interest to someon, so if a reviewer makes the music sound interesting on paper there's so much more chance that a reader will attempt to try it out on their ears.