1. avatar Anonymous
    all i can do is state the obvious - there aint no party like a s club party

  2. avatar The Come Ons
    My first post!
    everybody get down tonite!
  3. avatar Anonymous
    but did u know that tina's doing her thing and johns looking for romance?
    pauls getting down on the floor while hannah's screaming out for more!!
  4. avatar fastfude
    jimmy's in da cellar, mixing up da medicine,
    I'm on the rooftop, peeing on pedestrians...
  5. avatar toasted almond
    My first post!
    the king was in the counting house counting out his money and the queen was in the parler having crumpets or something like that.

    what an s-club party it would have been in days gone by. every body reach for the stars, and hold your head up high... so mr fastfude admin can pee in your face.
  6. avatar vampiremonkeyonspeed
    man in a trench coat, thinkin' 'bout the government WWW.LISTEN.TO/GECKO
  7. avatar toasted almond
    i can assure you i am no man in a trenchcoat and the government is only in my mind cos i just read the posting for cecils last saturday. on the gig list -(obviously)
  8. avatar Niall Harden
    ah, the golden days... :-)
  9. avatar The Evangelists
    Nostalgia attack!