1. avatar ThrobbingGristle
    Somebody suggested creating a Fastfude CD which was a good idea, but would require a lot of effort. Wouldn't it be easier to put a new front-end end on the existing Bands page where the focus is on songs available to download/stream, maybe by c-a-t-e-g-o-r-y*, new songs released/available.

    Now broadband is kicking in, everybody will be starting to look to the internet for most of their music. Fastfude could have a spin-off portal, as opposed to a discussion based thing which isn't everybody's cup of tea.

    The links could be redirected to the bands own site. Some sort of hit-counting could be used with some sort of c-h-a-r-t *, then there could be Best of Fastfude CD's

    * do these get through the swear filter? Edited by: ThrobbingGristle at: 1/22/02 3:23:43 pm
  2. avatar Jonny Hi Five
    Do you mean like a constant stream of fastfude bands' music on a loop?

    I think it's definitely beneficial to get more and more people listening to local music because they'll usually enjoy the gigs more if they know what the songs are supposed to sound like underneath the (usually) bad sound-jobs. People enjoy gigs, go to gigs more often, bands get better audiences, more encouragement, work harder, write better tunes, practice harder, get better, more successful, more well known, more and more people go to see them - they make a living from music.

    In a perfect world.

    But I think there should be quality control again - there's a lot of pish on the bands page.
  3. avatar ThrobbingGristle
    A constant stream would be a high maintenance effort. A stream will only hold so many songs and that would cause arguments again, like who gets on it.

    Jockrock, the scottish version of fastfude have their own streaming [url="http://www.vacant.org.uk/jockrock/webradio/index.html"]radio[/url]
    , but it's for more established indie bands and only gets updated once a month.

    I think the bands page is in a database. You could stick a new table in it with a list of songs for each band, the download location, and the number of times it been accessed, reviews, links,or something like that. Edited by: ThrobbingGristle at: 1/22/02 3:11:14 pm