1. avatar feline1
    Yes but this forum seems to be where HTML 'issues' normally get 'aired'...

    But ewe see I was being all flash and finding out more HTML 4.01 stuff,
    and tried put a "lang" attribute in my "html" tag


    ...imagine my surprise when doing this made Netscape 6.1 (on Win9 8)
    render the
    entire page in italics! :-O
    It even does it to [url]http://www.w3.org[/url] 's pages!
    how completely ahine!
  2. avatar feline1
    Yes but I downloaded Netscape 6.21 (?) there,
    and they have fixed this nonsense!
    How very valid of them! :-)

    Well, that only took about 3 hours to sort out then :-/

    Yes but whilst Netscape was downloading,
    I also downloaded & installed & configured the latest
    version of LYNX (2.8.4) from [url]http://lynx.isc.org[/url]
    (700k - hah! piffle to Netscape's dozens of Megs....)

    Do ewe realise, Lynx has better support for the quotation
    tag than Internet Explorer! How completely ahine!
  3. avatar insincerejon
    yes, but opera is only 3.18mb and has kewlie window-in-window layouts.

    i found a weird bug in it, though - it makes my lovingly crafted html look schite :-/ Edited by: insincerejon at: 1/12/02 3:22:46 am
  4. avatar feline1