1. avatar fastfude
    better menu?

  2. avatar Niall Harden

    not sure

    it's sorta crowded, and the light blue is really sore on my poor wee eyes
  3. avatar feline1
    Can't see a bloody thing on this monitor! :-)
  4. avatar fastfude
    sounds like y'all both need to get some praper gamma correction going on there. that blue should be light, but fairly subdued...

    and when you say you see nothing, f1, do you mean the browsers' not drawing it, or your screen's too dark?
  5. avatar The Evangelists
    I rekon you should stick it up there. I like the drop-down things. And the new reviews info will be good and all.

    [url="http://www.theevangelists.freeuk.com"] Th eEVnagfdworj[/url]
  6. avatar fastfude
    has anyone tried it on a mac (with IE5.5+ or NS6.1+)? haven't got one to hand so I can't tell if the javascript for the menus works or nat...
  7. avatar joe the toe
    My first post!
    I.E 5 works well. Good work, son. Keep it up. (BTW: haven't attempted Netscape. It's not so good on the iBook)
  8. avatar DeathDisco
    Using OS X 10.0.4 and OmniWeb it works but the rollovers don't change colour, they do when I use the OS X Preview version of IE 5.1 though.
  9. avatar Cormcolash
    Its good, especially that wee reviews bit. Maybe some borders to divide stuff more clearly though?
    Works fine on iMac IE 5.0 too.
  10. avatar feline1
    Rog, I meant the text was tiny and not enough contrast
    (IE 6.0, NT 4.0, 21" @ 1600x1200 )
  11. avatar insincerejon

    monitor envy

  12. avatar fastfude
    hmm, I've just tried 1600x1200 here, and I see yer point...

    I could try scaleable fonts, but it makes everything so *awkward* at common or garden resolutions
    Edited by: fastfude at: 11/3/01 10:31:54 am
  13. avatar insincerejon
    ewe could use [url="http://www.php.net"]php[/url] to link to a different stylesheet according to the screen resolution.
  14. avatar cheeko Max
    Definately like it man! esp. the dropdown links and stuff. looks good too! Light years ahead of what it used to be a while back!
  15. avatar The Evangelists
    the navigation bar disappears when ou go to 'Bands'. But of course you already know that and are currenly working on it.