1. avatar The Evangelists
    If you upload a image onto the site suitable to be used as a flier, people can print it out and use it for a calling card of sorts.
    When you emailed me the TIFF image for derry fliers, it came in incredibly handy in noisey bars when it is difficult to try and explain what fastfude is.
    [url="http://www.burbs.co.uk"]BURBs[/url] are doing somthing simular at the moment.

  2. avatar Anonymous
    aye. i found it amusing seeing fastfude posters in the nucleus in derry. it was the only place i have ever saw this sorta thang.
  3. avatar The Evangelists
    I try to stick some FF posters up now and again when I'm putting up our own. Not a hard thing to do.

    [url="http://www.theevangelists.freeuk.com"] The Evangelists[/url]
  4. avatar Anonymous
    it's a very good plan. eamonn, you are a true gentleman.
  5. avatar The Evangelists
    What if I were to Post a link to that tiff image...roger?
  6. avatar fastfude
    I'll knock up a newer one for ya, watch dis space.