1. avatar Shane
    ...in an e-mail from Delfeugo - the same guy that sent that other nonsense. I tried to have a conversation with John:

    JOHN LENNON: Hi Shane and all that.

    ME: Wa's up Johnny? Back all healed up?

    JL: This question was always coming up, even when we had the Bed-in in Montreal and all that.

    ME: Why? What'd Yoko do to yi?

    JL: It's a very long story.

    ME: Was there racks involved?

    JL: There racks involved ? People prefer dead saints to live freaks.

    ME: Are you high?

    JL: We're just living, just sort of vegetating. It's a vague, vague existence. Anything you get from us is only a reflection of yourselves. We're not trying to project any kind of definite image. You're getting something out of us that probably is already in you. It's enough responsibility living up to your own image of yourself. Like George is always quoting Gandhi: "Make and preserve the image of your choice."

    ME: Gandhi was a skinny cunt was he not? No? Do you wanna pint?

    JL: I think it's a self-conscious English thing.

    ME: What pints? I know. Anyway, how's Cynthia? Are yous back together until that @unt Yoko shows up and ruins Heaven again?

    JL: Once more? Where are you?

    ME: Sorry I didn't hear you the first time. I'm sittin with Cynthia. Shit she's not even dead! Where are you?

    JL: Where it's at. In the Bahamas.

    ME: Bahamas! Awful nice rum out there. How's the sunburn?

    JL: It's a big, wonderful world out there.

    ME: Yeah. I'm away to the bog.

    JL: (German accent) psst!...This is WFBI, playing all your favourite tunes.

    ME: Wha'd I miss?

    JL: Well, thank you for that.

    ME: No, John; thank YOU. What time is it?

    JL: But this time it's the bag, you know. I'm not saying anything.

    ME: Did you score? Wanna sneak into the bog for a line or two? If we're caught we can just pretend we were fucking!

    JL: Don't cane me, sir, I was led astray

    ME: Ah, sure you love the 'caine. So... You got any E's?

    JL: It's been two years.

    ME: Well then it's about time surely! There's a boy in a baseball cap who looks like he's kicked a few hippies heads in. Maybe he'll have some. You go ask him!

    JL: How about thinking of something else.

    ME: Heroin?

    JL: Yes.

    ME: You're my favourite Beatle (kisses John on the cheek).

    JL: The beetles thank you. All the Beatles thank you.

    ME: But I only kissed one of 'em!

    JL: Huh. Our door is hair.

    ME: I think you were talkin about that earlier but I didn't catch it all. Could you explain it again?

    JL: Once more? How do you keep everything going Shane?

    ME: Mostly whipping myself till I faint. You?

    JL: Going on tour?

    ME: Well that's another way of seein the week through. So, are you goin over to that boy for pills or wha?

    JL: Maybe something interesting will happen.

    ME: It might. If you'd fuckin ask him.

    JL: What does "it" refer to?

    ME: Your ma.

    Then it wouldn't work anymore. I think I broke a internet.

    Here's the link anyway. Minutes of fun!

  2. avatar delfuego
    I just saw this. 8 years later. Your ma....
  3. avatar Shane
    I forgot I wrote it. :D