1. avatar fastfude
    don't panic if you see something about applying for membership when you try to post, I'm just trying out this option to see how it works. Normal service shall resume in a day or two
  2. avatar die the flu
    It sucks :/
  3. avatar fastfude
    no, YOUR ma.

    cmon DTF, you should be capable of giving a proper reason if you're going to go to the trouble of replying. I'm not interested in "it sucks" or "its majeek", I want feedback that'll help me decide whether its a necessary or useful function.

    As it happens, its already helped me stop two or three trolls in the short time its been active.
  4. avatar zebulon
    5 to 1 says they were cheeky wee DTF trying to troll.
    The monkey.


    Rog, are you gonna go through the list of users in yer board admin sexion and ban/contact all those users who you know/suspect are trolls?
    There must be hundreds I'm sure, though.
  5. avatar fastfude
    heh, even loading that page is an effort, never mind vetting all 1400 users for trolls! I really wish ezB would do something to help with that :/
  6. avatar zebulon
    You could pay a small [insert post-colonial nation here]
    boy 20p to do it.
  7. avatar die the flu
    "...if you're going to go to the trouble of replying..." sums it up quite accurately...

    I use a shared computer most of the time, so I normally stay logged out and just enter my user name and password in the relevant fields after hitting the "Add Reply" button in a post.
    This here new-fangled thing means I can't do that.
    Whenever I try and post I get a message prompting me to login, which kind've takes away from the spontaneity of the thing and more often than not means I couldn't be ársed posting (perhaps this will be viewed as a good thing)...On a slow computer it takes a few minutes to login, then you have to find the thread again, remember what you were going to say then..."Muh."

    Anyway, the new accountable privately-contracted security controlled fastfude is virtually troll free already.
    I'm begining to think Rog is doing a PhD in Psychology and we're all unwitting test subjects.
    Moderation is going to become stricter and stricter until we're all left talking about *gulp* local music.
    Sheesh, is there anything duller? ;)
  8. avatar fastfude
    bwaaaah-ha-ha-ha! soon the world will be mine!

    er... I mean... while it's not an ideal solution (and it means extra work for me checking the applicant list every day), I think it is handy at keeping out the great unwashed

    True, we don't get many trolls, but it only takes one to f*ck everything up, and frankly it's more of a pain to try and sweep up the debris afterwards than it is to be a bit more vigilant in prevention.

    and don't you know you need special papers to be posting after 9pm?
  9. avatar jenl
    Och I dunno ... If it's preventing regular users from posting then maybe it's more hassle than it's worth.
    A lot of Fastfude's regular users do used shared computers so you may be shooting yourself in the foot here.
    The troll "situation" is not something that some hard moderation can't fix.

    *for the conspiracy theorists.
  10. avatar fastfude
    aye, but that way, in order to identify & block a troll, s/he has to do some trolling first. I'd rather not give 'em the pleasure, as it's obviously having an effect on people's general willingness to post. I'd rather eliminate that potential barrier and leave the boards a bit fresher for people to take part in.

    personally, I'd prefer having a short delay on my first post than run the risk of being flamed to death by anonymous gimps later on.

    the one setback is in making sure people bother filling in their profiles. I've noticed a number of new applicants have completely blank profiles, which gives me nothing to go on, so I'm reluctant to pass 'em. At the very least, I'd like y'all to make your post history available so I can see you're a genuinely willing participant, or if it's a new user with no previous posts, your email address as a failsafe.