1. avatar Blind Eye View
    hows about adding a section to the links page with a list of 'fastfude' type sites in other areas, for bands looking to set up gigs in Scotland etc eg

    [url]http://WWW.GIGGED.CO.UK[/url] for Dundee
    for the west coast of Scotland

    and similar sites (if there is any) for London, Dublin etc etc ??

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  2. avatar fastfude
    good idea! need more than two though!

  3. avatar Blind Eye View
    Glasgow music scene :


    Aberdeen Muisc :


    New Music Scotland :


    New Muisc Glasgow :


    Yorkshire Gig Guide :

  4. avatar Blind Eye View
    Acoustic London :

  5. avatar Blind Eye View
    Leeds Music Scene :


    Austraillian Music Scene :


    Thumped - Irish punk scene

  6. avatar fastfude
    well done that man!

    anyone got a few links for Wales? I'm told they have music there too!
  7. avatar Blind Eye View
    Curiad - bilingual site covering Welsh music

  8. avatar insincerejon
    as one musician, the fuders suggested links
  9. avatar Blind Eye View
    more links

    Brighton Rock

    Leeds Music

    Nightshift - Oxford Music Online

    Sheffield Music
  10. avatar Blind Eye View
    Aberdeen Ultimate band List :

  11. avatar Blind Eye View
    The Scottish Music Industry Web Directory :

  12. avatar The Evangelists
    its actually quite good...
  13. avatar Blind Eye View
  14. avatar The Evangelists
    c'mon rog, add some links. Some of the ones on the site are dead.