1. avatar feline1
    come on y'all moderators,
    put my BelFEST 2001 CD review up.
    Otherwise I'll cry "APACHE TRIBE! APACHE TRIBE!"
  2. avatar jenl
    Well, it's up already ... give us a chance y'all!
  3. avatar feline1
    Is no-one else gonna review the BelFEST CD then?
  4. avatar EPK
    Since you only did the first half, I'll do the last half.
  5. avatar feline1

    That review of Zerotonin's track is the best I've evah written!

    It's not my fault that The Cartel don't interest me in the slightest...
    I mean I'm only 27 :-(

    I'm still trying to figure out when Homosapienz are "coming from"....
    I think people in 1983 who did tracks like that (oh I dunno... Big Audio Dynamite and Talk Talk and Orange Juice and them ones who went "I dreeeem to sleeep, I sleeep to dream" and all that kinda malarky) were just kind fairly ordinary "songwritery" type blokes who were simply having their sound moulded by the "production values of the day" (so if they'd recorded those songs in 1973 or 1993, they'd probably have sounded very different)...
    What was do Homosapienz "see" themselves, I wonder?