1. avatar fastfude
    I've added a pile of ezBoards to FF's board ring menu... any I've missed? Post the board name here. Just put the actual name, not full URL. Remember, it always starts with a 'b'...

    here's the ones I've got so far:

    edit: snipped as they're all dead
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  2. avatar Niall Harden
    right, there's a band without an ezboard
    there must be
    i'll find one if it kills me

    i like the design of the fho one
    i like the content of the feline drem one
    i like the people on the fourstarrecordings one ( :)
    it even has a heavenly social where we theologise!

    roger, what do you all day? just out of nosiness?
  3. avatar Jeffrey Incendiary
    My first post!
  4. avatar feline1

    [url=""]bboardfunky[/url] Edited by: feline1 at: 8/3/01 1:25:19 pm
  5. avatar Niall Harden
    aye right enough the skin the pig one's good


    was good
  6. avatar Rich9
  7. avatar jason prone
    My first post!
    how about the Northern Ireland Metal Forum?

  8. avatar die the flu
    Um, The Soundmill has an ez-board...dunno the boardname though...prob just bsoundmill.
  9. avatar feline1
    AYe I was there once...
  10. avatar Anonymous
    if possible rog could you please remove the old shitty goatboy ezboard and

  11. avatar die the flu
    Hows about arranging it into some kind of order?

  12. avatar beerdrinkinfool
    does it need to be put into an order, cos it isnt a massivly long list, and it is pretty obvious which bands which
  13. avatar VelvetHaze John

  14. avatar Laura Anne C


    Cheers muchly
  15. avatar fastfude
    k, done

    actually 'twould be nice if y'all put a reciprocal link to FF on your ones too:


  16. avatar Blind Eye View
    of course I had already done this
  17. avatar joeschmoeistoodamngay
    My first post!
  18. avatar Niall Harden
    it is in decending order of greatness
  19. avatar feline1
    Yes but [url=""]bursulaburns[/url]
  20. avatar Niall Harden
    that an ursula burns tribute band
  21. avatar Niall Harden
    honest, guv! the other 999 posts were useful, insightful, er, something, or something
    You may wanna remove Juke. their board has removed itself.
  22. avatar Baronation
    I miss the old ezboards, but not their countless pop ups and adverts.
  23. avatar fastfude
    ouch - a seven year bump.

    I don't miss paying for the old ezboards. $700 a year, anyone? And that was with about a third of the traffic Fastfude gets nowadays.