1. avatar martyrocks
    ok, today im buyin a new double pedal. ive just sold my iron cobras. im takin lessons at the mo and im usin the pearl eliminator in those which i fell in love with. but i really like the dw double now too! any suggestions guys??
    pearl looks great, really sturdy, and i know what they can do....dw ....well they are dw's they never fail to make great gear..but i dont know how they play..its never the same when you try them out then get them home. but they do come with a 5 year warranty!
  2. avatar Rock Danger
    DW stuff is the best but you pay top dollar for it. The pearl one is just fine. I use DW9000's and they are built better and play smoother, but not at the price difference - only reason I have mine is cause they were bought in the states, so effectively half price :P

    Buy the Pearl Eliminator unless your a double kick ninja.

    Oh yeh, whatever price you find it online, just google Newcastle Drum Centre ask for Ben and he'll beat the price.
  3. avatar papaul
    See this is all a matter of personal preference. I personaly found the DW9000 to be too smooth, much preferred the 5000s, overall I like the Eliminators best, the interchangeable cams are just a stroke of genius, make smooth, aggressive, whatever you like.
  4. avatar martyrocks
    in the states so they will be pretty cheap anyways- whats the deal with the cams??? salesman was tellin me the same but i aint got a clue!! the cobras just didnt work for me at all for some reason, although they were quite old.just didnt feel right, the pearls i use at lessons are great but the dw is only $40 more.dunno wot to do!!!
  5. avatar Mowgli
    Check out the Taye Metalworks ones as well, they won best at NAMM so have got to be pretty darn special. Got them in Northern Percussion up in Ballyclare if you wanna see / try them in action.

  6. avatar Sadoldgit

    I doubt you would find a better pedal at near the price.
    This thing is built like a brick outhouse - my son bought one and swears by it.
  7. avatar Sadoldgit
    PS, he bought on the recommendation of Drummer mag - they said it was good enough to gig, and it is.

    It is also a copy of a rather more famous brand, and is infact better made than the pedal it copies!
  8. avatar martyrocks
    yeah seen those dw copies, mite get a wee try of them the mara!! thanx for the suggestions anyways guys! lookin like the real dw is the one but just not 100% yet!!
  9. avatar esotericeric93
    I've got a mapex double kicker model unknowen but it is suprisingly sturdy and reliable for a single chain pedal
  10. avatar delmet
    i think the pearl is your best bet, i got some and they play sweet to the beat