1. avatar James Flumox
    Did anyone see (or for that matter lift) our drummer's gear after our gig in AA's on Wednesday? There was a bass pedal, cymbals and a snare, both in soft cases.

    We left it there overnight, and I came to collect it yesterday evening, noticed it was gone, and stupidly assumed Craig had taken it.


  2. avatar Niall Harden
    well, i mean, i didn't, so i apologise for potentially getting your hopes up by replying, but i'm really sorry that happened to you. i hate people who do that. f**k you, theif.
  3. avatar James Flumox
    Looks like everything has turned up except the kick pedal. If anyone finds it, let me know...

    Wasn't suggesting it had been nicked or anything, btw. But I know I've come home from gigs with (e.g.) leads that definitely aren't mine.