1. avatar Ronan Yakuza
    Whenever I go to enter the URL of the image I want on the updating band info page, the URL gets written on the band bio section, because the image URL section overlaps it. I can't seem to get the cursor onto this section. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. avatar fhoadam
    are you using netscape?
  3. avatar fastfude
    Aye, this seems to happen on NS4. Netscape 6.1 and IE don't suffer from it though. Two choices:

    1) Upgrade to a decent browser

    2) use the TAB key to cycle through the fields, which should let you into those awkward to click on ones...
  4. avatar Ronan Yakuza
    Yeah, I'm using netscape, but its a work cumpewter, and I can't tamper with its programmes, but I'll try with my gurlfriends cumpewter when it gets fixed. I tried using the TAB key but the cursor just skipped over the
    image URL field
  5. avatar fhoadam
    yakuza, are you the same guys who used to play pearl jam, nirvana covers around omagh? cos i saw your posters up recently and they looked like the same style as ones for the omagh gigs
  6. avatar Ronan Yakuza
    I'm sure we've played at least 1 Nirvana cover in our long history, but never a Pearl Jam one, I don't even like them that much, we did play in Omagh once but it was about 3 years ago. You should come to a Yakuza show sometime and see some dirty, visceral, noise rock before your very eyes.

    Pearl Jam... indeed
  7. avatar Niall Harden
    i like Pearl Jam
  8. avatar feline1
    I quite like jam,
    but I've never worn pearls...
  9. avatar Ronan Yakuza
    Hey look, don't be sad, I'm not slagging Pearl Jam, its OK to like them in my book, sure Jamesy loves them, Its just that I don't.