1. avatar Rich9
    call me old fashioned but not having lines under the links confuses the hell out of me, and looks really weird

    please bring 'em back Rog!
  2. avatar Special Agent Lemmy Cauti
    are you too daft to mouse over the link and watch it underline then???
  3. avatar Rich9
    aye but it just doesn't y'know feel right
  4. avatar fastfude
    y'know, I'm feeling kinda naked myself...

    the grey text and white links are too similar on my monitor, so it's not always obvious...

    anyone else?
  5. avatar Laura Anne C
    That is indeed quite literally the question.

    Personally I detest underlined links as it looks so Netscrap~esque, and frankly I can't see that kind of melarkey far enough .. but that is of course imho

    I understand how people want links to look like ~ well ~ "links" I suppose, but there are other much less boring ways to do that kinda thing through stylesheets {hurrah}

    Make 'em bold, make 'em a different colour & make 'em hover a differenter colour :P

    I like linking that looks [url=""]like this[/url] Edited by: Laura Anne C at: 9/27/01 1:24:02 am
  6. avatar zebulon
    Heavens above Laura Anne, if George M heard you talk like that, he'd disapprove terribly.
    Standards, you know, web-typography convention!

    I remember once (or twice, maybe for badness) I included indented first lines in each paragraph on a site I'd designed for them......

    Oh the fallout.
    Oh the earnest conversations.
  7. avatar Rich9
    bring back the lines, bring back the lines!!

    forget netscape Laura Anne, its time is past.
  8. avatar Laura Anne C
    Zebulon you are a naughty minx {in a very masculine way, you understand...} ~ why didn't I think of doing anything funky like that when I was there?!!

    And Netscape as I have said at least a 10000000000 times is the spawn of the devil. As is underlining links.

  9. avatar fastfude
    hmm... it's a tie...?

    using bold links would be fine if it weren't for the topic list looking awful as a result, since there's so many links on it. I dunno, maybe make non-link text a little darker to make the contrast more obvious?
  10. avatar Baron Sized
    I think it looked better with the links underlined.

    I am not afraid of change.
  11. avatar feline1
    Well, since I use [url]http://lynx.browser.org[/url]
    all the links are either just royal blue or magenta in that nice DOS font ;-)

    Alternatively, I use Internet Explorer's "I'm Frikkin' Visually Impaired Me"
    'accessibility' settings, so that everything is green text on black paper,
    with red links (grey when visited)

  12. avatar GuanoAped
    or ewe could play with the background of the links when ya hover over them like [url=""]this[/url]
  13. avatar insincerejon
    cheeky ezbored hackmanaut!
  14. avatar fastfude
    actcherly, I've figured out a fancy-ass way of getting drop-shadows on hyperlinks, which r0xx0rz. so it does. Edited by: fastfude at: 10/4/01 5:43:12 pm
  15. avatar insincerejon
    playing with your big .{glow}, alan?