1. avatar shanemacgowan
    Is the number of views decreasing on the Cd reviews page? I distictly remember Velvet Haze with about 70 views where it is now at thirty somthing... Please enligten
  2. avatar shanemacgowan
    its happening again I tell ye! why?
  3. avatar wyldscallions
    Does it not refresh the numbers every week or fortnight starting from scratch again? That's what I thought.

    Anyway, this is a wishlist, what are you wishing for here?
  4. avatar fastfude
    dunno what the craic is there, I only see about 8 views for that review... I'll keep an eye on it...
  5. avatar shanemacgowan
    i wish to to know why, wyldscallions.
  6. avatar wyldscallions
    right enough

    but does that not happen to everyone. views for our reviews seemed to restart after a fortnight or something. Edited by: wyldscallions at: 9/24/01 4:52:28 pm
  7. avatar Niall Harden
    it's quite simple.
    the 'number of views' shown by ezboard is almost, but not quite, entirely unrelated to the number of times the page has been viewed.
  8. avatar VelvetHaze John
    Aye, it definitely resets the number of views every so often. There doesn't seem to be any set time on this though. (Not one that i can figure out anyway). Admittedly, with people like me actually making commercial software i can fully understand why it doesn't function properly.