1. avatar die the flu
    You should maybe point out that the creator of a piece of music automatically owns the copyright for it (and a lyricist owns the copyright for the words) and that the methods illustrated are ways of proving that you own the copyright.

    Alternatively don't.
  2. avatar The Evangelists
    I was going to put that in it but I just wanted to make the post as easy to uderstand as possible.
    If roger wants to add to it, its fine by me.
  3. avatar feline1
    Actually that FAQ as it stands of dubious factual accuracy in places... :-/
  4. avatar The Evangelists
  5. avatar feline1
    Well to elaborate, I'd need to practically re-write the whole thing,
    which would take at least half-an-hour of my oh-so-very-valuable time ;-)
  6. avatar The Evangelists
    I delibratly made the thing as basic as possible. If you search the web for how to copyright music you get these endless pages of useless shit3 and legalities when all you really want to know is how to bloody do it!

    [url="http://www.theevangelists.freeuk.com"]Ala Evanga[/url]
  7. avatar fastfude
    well, it might be worth it if you can add important stuff David!

    and where's that union/orgs FAQ anyhoo?
  8. avatar feline1
    I know I know y'all,
    I will try and get round to it eventually........
  9. avatar feline1
    There, I did one on MCPS.

    I trust it is suitably ahine.
  10. avatar fastfude
    It certainly is, cheers!
  11. avatar feline1
    I shall attempt to do a similar one on the PRS,
    and MU, and stuff....

    ......in due course...