1. avatar fhoadam
    how bout a wee map of belfast somewhere on fastfude showing where all the venues are? i'd be glad to do it if no one else has time or whatever
  2. avatar Blind Eye View
    I'm 98% sure Jenl is doing that at the mo...

    This : [url]http://www.belfest.com/venues.html[/url] is the best there is at the moment ... Edited by: Blind Eye View  at: 8/15/01 2:03:05 pm
  3. avatar fhoadam
    oh right, cool
  4. avatar jenl
    S'true .. althought I've been pretty slack lately.
    Trying to do too many things at once etc etc.
  5. avatar fhoadam
    well if you need any help with grpahics or anything id be happy to help
  6. avatar The Evangelists
    yeeh! The next time I visit Belfast I wont get Lost a dozen times. D'oh!!
  7. avatar jenl
    The only reason you got lost was because Roger and I gave ya'll the wrong directions ... muuuhahahahahahahaha!
  8. avatar fastfude
    they weren't wrong! just... abstract...
  9. avatar The Evangelists
    hey, Im a b@st@rd but hurry up with the map. I just knowim going to get lost on Wednesday looking for that NIMIC meeting.
  10. avatar Rich9