1. avatar fastfude
    I'm thinking of introducing this one... any persistent morons will receive one of these in their profiles until they wise up:

    whaddyas thinks?
  2. avatar Rich9
    i think that should get unilateral approval.
  3. avatar beerdrinkinfool
    it gets my vote
  4. avatar jenl
    I love it!
  5. avatar IrishGirly
    My first post!
    oooh.....I want one of those
    maybe not...
    but its cute.
  6. avatar feline1
    Hilarious y'all!

    I'm sure some people will like the pic so much they'll
    try and be bad on purpose :-)
  7. avatar insincerejon

    activate it
  8. avatar Niall Harden
    get the News Of The World to tell people where they live and we ca go round with pitchforks n stuff. unless you mean me
    Any particular suspects? Out them!
  9. avatar Special Agent Lemmy Cauti
    My first post!
    I think this policy should be initiated on ALL ezboards...

    I mean, check his out:
  10. avatar EPK
    Gets my vote.
  11. avatar The Fires of Hell
    Mr Caution, I fail to see how that troll relates to said thread?

    That concerns Gerards opinion which is emphatically *not* that of IMF...
  12. avatar Special Agent Lemmy Cauti
    Sir - that would be the point.
    It seems the thread reached an amicable conclusion though.