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    My first post!
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    (8/29/01 2:11:25 am)

    Petrina Goatboy
    14/2/01 • THE FRONT PAGE, BELFAST with Runnin' Riot + Blind Eye View + Circle Again + Rodan + Delicious Chocolate Boys + Headcheese + Petrina Goatboy (T.A.C.T. benefit)
    #42 • 24/2/01 (9pm) • THE ANNEX @ DEMSPEY'S, BELFAST with Petrina Goatboy (private party)

    #45 • 28/2/01 • THE FRONT PAGE, BELFAST with Rodan + Jim Lips & His Revolving Equator + Petrina Goatboy

    Hows about we keep the Gig Archive for proper bands, especially considering it's just cut and pasted from the Dangerfields post....
  2. avatar Andrew
    Don't worry, I fixed it.

    And what's a proper band anyway? Goatboy played some gigs, so he deserves his wee place in the Gigs Archive. Simple as dat.
  3. avatar The Evangelists
    yeah pabx2001, give yourself a slap on the risk. Although it is a bit daft about the cut and paste job...
  4. avatar Anonymous
    yeah. @#%$ off. i cut and pasted it because i couldnt remember the dates and the there was a bit of messin about i wanted to do but because its moderated i couldnt edit it quickly enough. thank you andrew.