1. avatar antojasper
    I was noticing how many people ask about Studios, certain Products etc.

    I think it would be great if you could set up a "Review Section" dedicated to new products and one for Recording Studios.

    This would save people the hassle of trawling through 30 pages of guff to find info.

    So collate all peoples opinions and experiences of Recording into one section and allow that to guide peoples choices.

    I did notice that people tend to get a bit pissed off repeating the same info once a month.

  2. avatar Blind Eye View
    I was thinking the same thing...

    you could sections for :

    Recording Studios
    CD/ Tape Duplication
    Drum Equipment
    Guitar/Bass Equipment
    Keyboard Equipment
    PA / Recording Equipment
    Music Books / Magazines / Software

    give details of recommend suppliers and get users to garde thema nd leave comments eg :

    Rock Factory.co.uk

    "Great for getting Sabian, Zildjian and Paste Cymbals through mailorder. Postage only around a tenner, usually hundreds in stock and delievry in 2-3 days. Ordered from them 6 times without any hassles. Cheaper than Matchetts even when the postage is added. Also good for numerous brands of drum heads, sticks etc"
  3. avatar jenl
    Well, I think that's what that 'Archives' section is for, so that we can store threads that have some useful info in them after editing out all the non-related guff.

    I guess an idea would be for people to submit reviews of whatever (non-band related) subject it was, let the moderators have a look and then release the review.
    It's just a matter of actually geting people to review things.
  4. avatar antojasper
    What I'm envisaging is not so much a random assortment of vaguely related topic but a new feature that could prove to be one of this sites most valuable resources.

    Set it up like A FAQ kind of thing.

    Take Recording Studios e.g.

    The topic title is The Studio name

    > e.g. Musictech

    Posts are made under the title by people with experiences of the studio.
    Everyone could be invited to comment and submissions could be vetted strongly.

    > e.g. "Musictech is a great digital studio but more suited to MOR rather than Rock acts."

    or even

    > "When we visited Musictech they were rude and didn't take our opinions seriously.

    or even

    > "They still owe us money for shorting out our kit."

    This sort of thing is invaluable to inexperienced bands about to spend a lot of hard earned cash on what could be a disaster.

    It could be expanded in this format to include, as was mentioned, mail order suppliers, tape duplicators or even management companies etc.

    As its personal opinion and experience there is no liability.
    i.e. the opinions expressed herein do not reflect the policy of yadda yadda...
  5. avatar die the flu
    Aye but there already is an FAQ section...And I started this exact same thread a few months back you cheeky monkey ;P
  6. avatar antojasper
    My vision though is of a glorious entity somewhere between an FAQ and Review section where we can go when we want good advice on making those decisions where a lot of money is involved
    which is where forums like this can be the most effective.

    I have a dream.
    That one day little boys and girls, seeking to record their demo can just sit down and read the experiences of others and decide.
    Free from abusive trolls and the over technical posturing that our community has been riddled with.

    I mean it's a good enough idea to start a website on without all the other local music guff, so get it sorted before anybody else does.